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Via IV Novembre 68
95030 Mascalucia (CT) Italy
Tel: +39 328 78 12 722
HV & MV Solutions : Electricity Experts for Italy Spain and Latam markets

Italian HV&MV Market Solutions

Expert Partner in Electricity

Via Antonio Fiorini 26
25135 Brescia  (BS) Italy
Foster Marketing
+39 328 78 12 722
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We offer Agency, Consultancy, Sales and Marketing services to ISO9001 prime quality companies, manufacturers of equipment & components and provision of services in the Electrical, Mechanical and Telecom fields.   EHV/HV/MV T&D ,  OPGW,   HV/MV/LV Energy and Instrument cables,   Power stations  as well as Renewable Energy: Hydro stations , Wind farms and Solar stations 

Railways: infrastructures and transport Telecommunications

Italy's Energy Sector:

Agency & Consultancy Solutions

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Vendor List Qualification

Sales & Marketing

Market Start-up

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Branch Management

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Project Management

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Italian Electrical Market Entry Solutions for Global Partners

Provide our international partners with creative and effective marketing solutions for their introduction, development and consolidation in the Italian Electrical market, meeting and anticipating market and partners expectations.

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Leveraging Italy's Strategic Position for Global Market Access


Italian market is our native market. We provide full service throught our office facilities and expertise. Italy is your plaform to face EU, Nord Africa, Arab Gulf as well as South America markets.


Throught our local partners we support and supervise your EU market expansion earning step by step your references at European main Power Producers, HV Transmission, Utilities as well as EPC. ENEL company covers most of West and East European countries by its Italian HQ.

South America

​ENEL company own most of Distribution Utility as well handle huge investiment in Power Generation. ENEL Distribution as well as ENEL Green Power Rome HQ supervise activities of Ampla (Brasil) , Coelce (Brasil), Codensa (Colombia), Edelnor (Perù),  Enersis, Chilectra (Chile)

Nord Africa

Italian Oil & Gas and Construction EPC company cover most of Nord African markets (Algeria , Marocco, Tunisia.…). We drive  locally with our network of local  expetise  sponsors.


HV substation apparatus. MV panels DC 3kV panels and apparatus, HV Fuses DC


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Comprehensive Solutions for Renewable Energy and Power Infrastructure

HV Transmission

420kV-245kV-170kV apparatus and systems Circuit breakers, Istrument transformers, Power Transformers as well as HV-MV-LV Power Cables   for  TSO TERNA  and ENEL 

Power Generation

Hydro Turbine, Generator, HV substation components, Power Transformers, SF6 Circuit Breakers, as well HV, Power and instrumentation cables.

Renewable Energy

Apparatus for Large - Medium and small Hydro power plants, High power Storage systems.

HV,  MV & HV Distribution

Vacuum/SF6 breakers, RMU, LV ACB, MCB, MCCB.  Power center and MCCB panels, Smart Meters. MV and HV cable

Oil & Gas  

Power and Instrumentation apparatus and cables. HV MV subtation apparatus.

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High Voltage Services for Italy and Abroad

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